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1 in 4 eldery persons suffer from malnutrition

One in four elderly individuals, who are 60 or over, suffer from malnutrition. Over 50% of the elderly are at the risk of becoming malnourished, discovered in a study. Malnutrition is a major issue for elderly women is much higher (28.8 percentage) than males (22 percent) according to the study carried out by the Public Health and Informatics (PHI) department at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU). The study, conducted on 125 older people from three villages in Dhaka's Uttarkhan neighborhood, revealed the following: 65.3 percent of people are at the risk of malnutrition. The data was gathered during the months of November and October of 2019 and the research findings were presented during a conference on the BSMMU campus, on Thursday. Researchers estimate that there are 1.5 crore older people living in the country. However, plans to provide preventive healthcare for them are not enough. The primary causes of the decline in nutrition among seniors in